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Weekend in East Coast Park

posted Apr 10, 2012, 8:40 AM by Amber Chee   [ updated Apr 11, 2012, 7:33 AM ]
1 Apr 2012

See any fish there?

This was one of the rare weekends where Vincent suggested going to East Coast Park (ECP) to walk Cookie, and then have a Groupon dinner. We usually go to the parks nearby our area. It's all because of the Groupon dinner that he had the motivation to make it to ECP.

The weather was breezy and not too sunny, paw-fect for a leisurely stroll. We deliberately walked to an ice-cream shop for a quick cooling fix. Cookie wasn't left out, we left a small dollop for her, served on crispy wedge of waffle.

While we were enjoying the dessert, I spotted Auntie Lucy (aka Dennis Chew) at the ice-cream shop. Nothing happened. I'm not the kind who would rush to a celeb and ask for autograph or demand a picture with my dog. Cookie couldn't care less, she was enjoying her ice-cream.

We walked quite a distance that day. Cookie was not used to it. Half an hour into the walk, she was panting heavily and decided to sit herself on the grass. After lapping up some water, she panted for a good 10 minutes, and switched from a seated position to lying down on four paws.

Look at the grass in her mouth

Tired Cookie

However, the walk must go on for we need to make it to the Groupon dinner destination. Look what we found underneath the dinner table - a dog
begging for food with her signature 'poor-thing' look.