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Walking with Pam Pam

posted Sep 28, 2012, 7:01 AM by Amber Chee
23 Sep 2012

We have been walking Pam Pam in the areas near her shelter because she was so reluctant to get on the car, even though Cookie voluntarily demonstrated to her many times how to jump into the car.

Last Sunday, we managed to get Pam Pam into the car, not voluntarily by herself though. We did it by me grabbing her front legs and Vincent carrying her hind legs and "1, 2, 3!"  we lifted her up into the car. She is more trusting of us now so she didn't struggle like before.

So off we went to the wetland!

It was a nice day to watch sunset, we could catch the setting sun on the pond too. I just love taking pictures of the lotus flowers!

I made a detour for the dogs to take pictures with these lalang-looking plants :-)