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Velcro dog

posted Feb 15, 2012, 7:51 AM by Amber Chee
15 Feb 2012

Sunday evening. I had to leave for a business trip, something that I dread and absolutely hate to do on a weekend. Why can't people make appointments on a Monday afternoon instead of morning?

As I walked out of the door and said goodbye to Cookie, she did something that I've never seen before.

It breaks my heart to hear her whining/crying like that. She's like a velcro, sticks to me most of the time. She likes to follow me around my home, even when I go to toilet. But she steers clear of the shower. She doesn't like water at all.

I went back and forth, patting her and saying goodbye again. It's just 2 days, Cookie. Taxi's waiting for me, be a good girl ok?

Well, on Tuesday morning (Valentine's Day), I received an sms from Vincent. Cookie wasn't a good girl. She peed near the TV console. She's protesting again. Maybe Vincent didn't give her enough attention when I was away. Maybe she was frustrated by my absence.

Whatever it is, I know that Cookie will misbehave when she's angry or frustrated with something. She knows that what she did was wrong. She would become very submissive when we scold her. But it's her way of telling us she needs our attention. The only way to avoid this is to give her regular attention. What a diva!