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The origin of Cookie

posted Feb 1, 2012, 7:05 AM by Amber Chee   [ updated Feb 1, 2012, 7:57 AM ]
1 Feb 2012

I thought it'd be good to start off the Dragon year with a story of a beginning. A beginning that changed our life. It was the day we adopted Cookie.

Getting a dog was actually not my idea. I was afraid of the commitment. Both of us are working full time, sometimes overtime. I don't even get enough rest for myself let alone caring for another animal.

It was Vincent who kept pestering me to get one together,
within 2 months after we got married. Vincent previously had a dog; he loves dogs. And so do I. Actually I love any domesticated living things with fur - dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, goats, cows, even hedgehogs (ok this one has no fur).

Almost every night, without fail, Vincent would show me pictures of puppies for adoption online and asked me for my opinion. "Eh look at this puppy, quite cute.", "How about this black one?".

One day, we saw a picture of a mongrel puppy called Milo. He looked cute and sad at the same time. Vincent wrote in to
Noah's Ark CARES to enquire. The fosterer sent us more pictures of Milo and his sister Horlicks, and said these two were not adopted yet. I immediately fell for Horlicks, who looked like this:

With our hearts set on Horlicks, we arranged for a viewing
. We went all the way to a marine factory in Tuas. When we saw the puppies, they were bigger than what was shown on the picture, not as cute, and both Milo's and Horlicks' ears had stood up (i.e. no longer lopping like a labrador). I felt a bit cheated, honestly.

Who's who? Milo and Horlicks

But when we looked at the condition they are living in (it was an office cum factory) and the oil stains on their paws, I felt sorry for them. We observed them playing for a while and finally decided to adopt Horlicks despite her skin problems, because she was gentler.

It was quite heart-breaking seeing Milo being left by himself. Just minutes before, he was playing happily with Horlicks. But the fosterer told us that someone else was coming to view as well and there was a chance that Milo would be adopted too.

We got the vaccination details from the fosterer who worked with Noah's Ark CARES to vaccinate the puppies.

So, there you go. On our way home, while we were thinking of a new name for Horlicks, she pooped in the car, and later vomited because of motion sickness.

We were initially thinking of calling her Sandy, because of the colour of her coat, but I thought Cookie would sound happier and cuter. So Cookie it is!

Cookie on her first night home, her ears could touch each other when she was a puppy!

Life has never been the same since we adopted Cookie. So much laughter and joy, but also frustrations and anger in the beginning when both human and puppy learned to live in harmony. But one thing for sure, she is the reason why I sometimes smile at myself during work hours when I think of her; she is the reason why I look forward to going home each day and being welcomed at the door with licks and a wagging tail.

If I were asked to choose again whether or not to have a dog, I would do it all over again, with pleasure, without hesitation.

P.S. Milo was adopted too!