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Sunset walk

posted Apr 27, 2013, 7:54 AM by Cookie & Creme
27 Apr 2013

It was a wet afternoon and we thought that the rain won't stop in time for Cookie to go out and walk in the park before sunset. But it did!

Albeit still a bit wet, the air was refreshing, and the park was so pretty in the mist. There weren't a lot of joggers or cyclists around, which was great, leaving us in the good company of the greenery.

A group of school kids broke into a song as we walked past the gazebo. Luckily they sounded great and reminded me of my carefree schooling days. Coming to the park is my favourite way of unwinding and connecting to Mother nature. Nothing beats the organic scent of the grass, the sound of stepping onto fallen leaves and the lapping waves from the sea. Maybe I'm becoming like a dog? I like the fresh scent of nature. 

I can see that Cookie enjoyed taking in the scene and sound too. We're lucky that we stay near the park and can just walk here whenever we need a breath of fresh air.

This was the last shot before the sun really set. And after that, dusk fell upon us very quickly. Soon it was getting dark.

And Cookie quickened her steps to go home when it was dark. She knew that it's dinner time! :-D