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Strays in Nepal

posted Nov 22, 2010, 6:12 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Nov 23, 2010, 5:08 AM ]
15-20 Nov 2010

One night in Pokhara, while walking back to our lodge after dinner, we saw this snow-cap tailed dog waiting for food in Blue Diamond restaurant, the place where we had our breakfast.

We just bought some rolls, so Vincent gave him one tiny end of his sausage roll, and then another tiny end. We bid goodbye and walked away but the dog followed us.

He has a pair of pitiful eyes and a hopeful face. Vincent's heart melted and decided to give him the entire roll. He broke the roll into half, put one half on the street, and yelled to me "Run!"

I followed him running. But no longer after, we saw the 4-legged friend galloping beside us. Vincent put the last half of the roll on the edge of a plant pot, and ran again. The dog was quick to bite, swallow and run with us!

This video was filmed after the dog caught up with us, and we had nothing else to offer him. You can see that his tail went down after a while when he realised that we had no more food.

After this video, the dog walked with us for another block of street before getting distracted by something on the street as he was then busy sniffing it.

After this incident, we bought some muffins from a local bakery and kept with us in case we saw some really pitiful stray dogs who could do with some food.

On our last day in Pokhara, we bumped into 3 strays on our way back to our guest house in Sarangkot. The small beige one was limping and the other two looked like brothers. They welcomed the food with waggy tails and they were well behaved (i.e. no snatching of food from one another nor fighting over the muffin). Vincent fed them one muffin each.

There are so many more stray animals in Nepal, here are just a glimpse of some of their lives within the busy labyrinths and temples of Nepal.

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