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Returned from Nepal

posted Nov 22, 2010, 12:18 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Nov 23, 2010, 7:52 AM ]
21 Nov 2010

We returned from a 10-day vacation in Nepal today to find a fat cat meowing non-stop in our home...Creme! She must have gone psycho being alone by herself. She might have eaten too much due to boredom or stress of being alone.

Her fur stood up. Refused to be patted, she meowed and meowed as if she is in heat. Her fur shed as I hold her on my lap.

Our place is in quite a mess. Toys were all over the living room floor and kitchen floor. Creme's black paw prints were evident surrounding her food bowl. Has she gone outside? Why was her paw print black?

Then I discovered that a whole ziplog bag of dog treats (fish biscuits) was missing. Could Creme have eaten them all?

Rick the cat sitter from Pet Mobile told me that Creme was very manja towards him and was very playful.

We quickly put down our luggage and changed into our tropical wear and drove out to fetch Cookie from Anderson's place. I brought Creme along, hoping that the car air-con can calm her down.

Creme continued meowing non-stop until we reached Anderson's place. We were meeting her in a park so that she can walk Cookie out without us disturbing the harmony of other dogs lodging in her home.

Cookie jumped excitedly and repeatedly when she saw us, as always. Creme who has since stopped meowing begin to whine when Cookie came near. Here goes again, the family unit is complete again!

In the car Cookie sniffed Creme's backside as if she has forgotten how Creme smells. Tired of meowing, Creme closed her eyes and tried to sleep on my lap. As we approached our home, I announced "We're home, animals!".

As predicted by Vincent, Cookie went straight to her water bowl and drank up the whole bowl of water in less than 1 minute. We noticed this weird behaviour everytime Cookie returned home or when we return home after work. She won't drink in our absence.

Then, everything seems to fall back to normal routine, including Cookie chasing after Creme. But Creme became more 'manja' this time round. I found her sleeping on the fat tummy of Vincent (who fell asleep while waiting for me to shower). That was a first.