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Pink Nose and me

posted Aug 17, 2013, 2:05 AM by Cookie & Creme
6 Aug 2013 . Negombo

We met at the beach. He was curling up in a corner near a sign that says 'No feeding of dogs and crows'. He saw us. He stood up and walked away with his tail down. He was scared.


Vincent approached him with 'tsk tsk' sound indicating that he has food (he actually didn't!). He opened up. And walked towards us. That's when we noticed his cute pink nose.

As we strolled over to the beach, Pink Nose fixed his gaze on us. Not long after, he decided to follow us. He took a different route, cutting across from the vegetation, but keeping a distance from us. 

I went down to the wave front, taking pictures and enjoying the wave splashing on my feet. Pink Nose waited on the beach. 

As I was heading back to the hotel, something amazing happened.

Pink Nose came to me and put his paw on my foot.
I continued walking. Then he jumped, licked my hand and put his paw on my foot again, as if wanting to stop me from going further.

I guess he's lonely and just wanted to play. I kneeled down to pet him. The next thing I knew, Pink Nose turned and showed his belly to me. Aww....he was yearning for affection. It must be so lonely for him to stay alone in this huge but beautiful beach. I wonder if other tourists ever show him any affection. I wonder if anyone feed him. He looked thin but healthy. I like to think that the hotel staff feed him. I can't imagine anyone not offering food to a sweet dog like him.

Reluctantly, I went back to hotel for breakfast as we have a schedule to follow that day. Against the 'no feeding' sign, I took some food from the breakfast spread, walked Pink Nose to a shaded spot and fed him.

I'm still thinking of Pink Nose after the trip. I hope he is doing well and I wish him a good life on the beach.