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My birthday cakes (and Cookie)

posted Feb 22, 2011, 7:35 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Feb 22, 2011, 8:01 AM ]
21 Feb 2011

This year, my birthday cake was the unconventional cup-cake-like and pudding-like mini cake from The Atrium Pan Pacific, and to compensate for its size, Vincent bought me two - Rum & Raisin (with  a mini pipette loaded with rum) and Guanaja Chocolate cake.

Cookie, with her usual enthusiasm for food, kept tip-toeing to sniff at the cakes on the table, although Vincent specifically told her:" This is not for you," pointing at the chocolate cake.

It was quite hard to take a picture with the cakes without her.

Cookie was good enough to let me have my moment for the birthday wish. She must be wishing under the table that she could eat the cakes. 

In the end, both cakes were so good that we forgot to leave a little piece for the waiting Cookie.

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