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Love at first sight?

posted Jan 3, 2012, 5:56 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Jan 3, 2012, 9:39 AM ]
2 Jan 2012

At the dog run, I witnessed, at first hand, how a suspected doggie's love at first sight may look like.

Upon entering the dog run, the macho scent of Burpee* the beagle attracted Cookie instantly. She ran towards him straight away.  Burpee was in the fenced-up small dog area. Cookie was outside. Their eyes met. And the feeling was mutual as they sniffed each other across the fence, running to and fro of the length of the fence, in sync.

This was really amazing because Cookie is known to hate beagles. She barks whenever a beagle is walking outside our place. She growls whenever she meets a beagle. But
clearly Burpee is someone very special to Cookie!

How I wish I brought along my camera!

Burpee's owner let him out to interact with Cookie. After a couple of butt checks, Burpee was following Cookie everywhere, right behind her butt! And amazingly, Cookie let him do so. While resting, both of them also sat close together in front of Burpee's owner. I thought Cookie wanted to change her owner!

Not long after, a handsome foxy mongrel joined the couple. I guess he too was drawn to Cookie. So, the lads chased/followed Cookie across all corners of the dog run. When we were leaving, the foxy mongrel even came and saw Cookie out at the gate...aww....

You may ask, which fragrance is Cookie wearing?

Well, she is shampoo'ed with Caroline's Doggie Sudz - lavender and neem.

Cookie slept really well that night.

*Burpee was so named because he always burped in the face of his humans.