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Kushi the happy dog

posted Nov 27, 2010, 7:58 AM by Cookie & Creme
17-19 Nov 2010, Pokhara

This 4-month old dog guards the reception of Hidden Paradise, a B&B tucked away in the trek up Sarangkot in Pokhara, Nepal. His name is Kushi, meaning 'happy' in Nepalese.

His predecessor, also named Kushi, was taken by a leopard; we were told by Laxman, the oldest son of the family and founder of the B&B. Fearing that the leopard may attack again, new Kushi is usually chained up in front of the reception during the night so that he doesn't roam away from the safety zone of the B&B.

Kushi is very eager and playful. As soon as we arrived at the B&B, he jumped and licked our hands. The next day, he learned to untie my shoe lace (video 1) and was released by Laxman to play in the compound (video 2). However, he mistook my leg for a female kushi (video 3)! I didn't know that a 4-month old dog already has the reproductive instinct!
He should be spayed soon, otherwise I can foresee many little Kushis around the area! 

We hope Kushi grows up healthy and happy :-)

Short video series on our time spent with Kushi.

Kushi and the family

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