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I'm not fussy with food

posted Sep 14, 2010, 2:50 AM by Cookie & Creme
6 Sep 2010

Cookie is really easily pleased when it comes to food. She eats practically anything! Other than her own kibbles and meats, she eats raw carrots, soaked almonds, soba noodles, tomato and olive oil dressings, swiss rolls, most types of fruits (except banana) and of course ice creams. Since Creme came to our home, Cookie develops an interest in cat food, even catnip-flavoured cat treats.

During the initial 'introduction' phase when we caged up Creme, Cookie used to finish up Creme's food for her because her tongue was long enough to reach inside the cage and take a bite.

After Creme passed her 'probation', we bought her a shelving unit high enough to have her meals without being snatched by Cookie.

Here's Cookie trying to get to Creme's food.