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Goodnight kiss

posted Sep 14, 2010, 2:56 AM by Cookie & Creme
7 Sep 2010

Something amazing happened when I called Cookie to come to bed tonight.

Usually, Cookie sleeps in our room because her itchy skin is less likely to flare up in air-conditioned environment. We never let Creme in because she is very 'jumpy' at night and Cookie couldn't stop chasing her.

Creme was having her supper when I called Cookie to bed, as I'm going to bed too. Strangely, instead of following me to the room, Cookie turned the opposite way and went to Creme (who was eating and sitting on the top level of the shelve where her food bowl is located).

Sensing Cookie is behind her, Creme then turned towards Cookie, Cookie nudged forward and upward (yes Creme being on the top shelve is now higher than Cookie), and both of them kissed! Alright, alright, it may be a very close sniff. And, after that brief kiss/sniff, Cookie walked towards me; two steps later, she turned her head back to look at Creme for a good 5 seconds. Creme was sitting at the original spot looking at her too.  Everything seems to freeze in that 5 seconds.

Is Cookie missing Creme already before going the separate way to bed? How sweet, and strange, but amazing!

If this is the animal way of saying 'good night' to each other, then Cookie makes such a sweet and caring sister.