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Creme is officially a permanent resident

posted Sep 14, 2010, 1:45 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Oct 20, 2010, 6:56 AM ]
1 Aug 2010

After 2 weeks' probation, the Looi family has accepted Creme as a member of the family, albeit with some damages - sofa punctuated with scratch marks, fur shed from the reindeer skin as a result of scratching.

Creme is no longer timid when Cookie is around. In fact, she successfully ambushed Cookie from side way and behind, many times, with her paws landing on Cookie's tummy and hind legs. Not sure if she extended her 'woverine' weapon - claws - when she attacked Cookie. Cookie seemed not in pain. At least, Cookie didn't yell.

So the daily routine before we go to work, is to lock Cookie up behind the baby barrier in the kitchen, and let Creme roams free. Creme can transverse through the baby barrier and whisk in and out of Cookie's territory whenever she likes.

We never know what happens at home while we are at work. We just know that Creme likes to displace all the cushions from the sofa. That's how it seems as everyday the cushions ended up on the floor when we return.

Then, there is the daily chore of scooping the kitty litter, and sweeping away the excess sands she sprinkles on the floor when she walks out of her litter.

Cookie has been extremely good and accommodating to Creme, but they do end up in fights sometimes, don't ask who started it. It's a grey area.

Having a new pet makes us appreciate Cookie's good nature even more. Cookie is quiet, accommodating, tolerant but clumsy. Creme is vocal, playful and very agile. Her playfulness reminds us of Cookie when she was as young.

I'm glad that now Cookie has a company at home when we are at work. She used to endure about 12 hours of loneliness and boredom everyday. At least now, she doesn't need to sleep and lick herself all day to pass time. Life has just become more interesting for the animals.

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