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Cookie meets Ginny for the first time

posted Jun 10, 2012, 9:56 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 9:58 AM ]
3 June 2012

Cookie needs a playmate and Ginny needs to be out of the kennel. So we thought of letting these two dogs meet at the dog run to see if they hit it off.

Vincent went into the shelter to get Ginny out while I went into the dog run with Cookie first.

See what happened when they first met...

Cookie was standing on her hind legs, wagging her tail vigorously, but not to welcome Ginny. That's her normal (and dramatic) reaction when she sees Vincent although she's only away from Vincent for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, she's not a bit interested to make friends with Ginny.

Ginny, on the other hand, is such a sweet character. She was very happy to be out and about at the dog run. Her tail was constantly wagging. She was friendly with strangers in the dog run - humans and dogs alike. I would describe Ginny as easy going. We found out that she absolutely loves kids. She likes following them around. Watch her composed and gentle temperament from this video below:

We are seeking for a loving home for Ginny. She'll do great in a family with kids and/or a dog. Ginny has been sterilized and weighs 16kg (not HDB approved). Vet estimates her to be 2 years young. We have never heard her bark, even in the kennel environment; all dogs will be barking at passersby except her.
Contact us at hello@cookieandcreme.com or www.facebook.com/CookieCreme if you are a sincere adopter looking to provide Ginny a permanent and loving home. 

*Update - Ginny has been adopted!*