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Cookie and the peanut butter cookie

posted Jul 15, 2012, 8:47 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Jul 15, 2012, 8:51 AM ]
15 Jul 2012

Inspired by Angela's easy recipe on peanut butter dog biscuits and a jar of expiring peanut butter in my fridge, I took time to bake a small batch of the said biscuits using my brand new cookie mould. Finally, I was able to put my cookie mould into good use after hibernating it in my shelf for over 6 months!

Instead of creamy peanut butter, I used my expiring chunky peanut butter which I had in my fridge. Instead of beef/chicken broth, I threw half a cube of ikan bilis stock into 150 ml of warm water and added it to the peanut butter (Cookie is allergic to chicken). I also halved the portion of Angela's recipe because I only have one sheet of cookie mould.

Hmm...peanut butter and ikan bilis combination actually smelled quite nice; the dough was actually overpowered by the aroma of peanut butter.

Sniff sniff, Cookie can't help but jumping onto the kitchen top to try her luck.

It was easy to mix the ingredients and put the dough together, easily done even without a mixer. I just used a whisk and spoon. The more time-consuming part was putting the dough into each cookie mould. I filled the moulds to the brim although I'm not supposed to because it made the cookies thicker which then took longer to bake. However, I made more than enough dough so was trying not to waste food.

In the end, the cookies took about 20 mins on 190°C and further 15 mins on 160
°C. They didn't look anywhere near as pretty as Angela's but as long as they are edible, I'm happy :-)

See how excited Cookie was when the cookies were cooled down and ready to be served.

Vincent and I also tasted the cookie because it just smelled so inviting. "Not bad," Vincent said. It's just not salty, which is good for Cookie.