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Cookie and the ginger community cat

posted Oct 28, 2012, 1:48 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 9:40 AM ]
6 Oct 2012

Recently a ginger community cat has been stalking us when I walk Cookie. I caught her (the cat) prowling behind us and appearing in places we walked by. She's quite fat, well, fatter than Creme. Someone from my estate has been feeding her.

I approached the cat, trying to stroke her. At first, she was very wary of Cookie, to the point of almost hissing at Cookie. I managed to come between them, and reached out my hand to the cat. Amazingly, this ginger cat meowed softly and walked to me for a pat! Aww...she's so sweet. I tell ya, she's really quite desperate (gian) for a stroke.

So for the subsequent times, I would offer a stroke whenever I see her and she would happily accept.

This is the closest Cookie can come near the ginger cat. The cat did try to ward off Cookie by attacking Cookie when she went closer. But here, the cat is quite relax with the distance between them.


Ginger cat's face as we walked away. After that, I saw her sitting behind us when I turned around 100 km later. See you around, ginger cat!