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Brunches with Cookie

posted Sep 15, 2013, 8:31 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Jun 24, 2014, 2:44 AM ]
15 Sep 2013 (2014 updated info below)

We love bringing Cookie out for brunches on weekends. It's a treat to ourselves for working hard during the weekdays, and an equally important reason is to let Cookie enjoy new smells (friends), and surroundings. Of course, we enjoy Cookie's company. Her passion for food never fails to make us laugh!

Here's a low-down of our favourite dog-friendly brunch places, which we are sure we'll return.

Canopy Garden Dining www.canopydining.com.sg
Although this is quite a long drive away from our home, we like the lush green alfresco setting, good and not-too-pricey food, refreshing smoothies. The only setback is that it can get very crowded and you may need to wave constantly to get the attention of the waiters.

Dog menu: None
Walking path: Yes, it's in Bishan Park II, and there is a dog run nearby within walking distance.

Cookie and new friend at the Bishan Park dog run.

2. Sun Ray Cafe www.sunray.sg
Again, this is not near our place but come rain or shine, it's a cosy and welcoming place to chill and unwind while your pooch roams around unleash. There are only 2 breakfast items (American breakfast and eggs Benedict) but we love the homemade bread/biscuit. And there are other mains e.g. pasta, chops, fish & chips. They serve quite good coffees too. The best thing is, there is no GST! When it's very hot/sunny or when it rains, this place would be our first choice!

Dog menu: Yes, quite limited though (boiled meat/salmon).
Walking path: No, however, can walk the dog by the road along the landed properties.

Cookie gets to order her food from the doggie menu.

3. 5 Drunken Rabbits www.5drunkenrabbits.com
Nestled within the vast Pasir Ris Park, this has become our favourite since it set up business about a year ago. It's walkable from the MRT station (a good 20-min walk). We love the view of greenery and the sea, and the semi-alfresco setting in the nature (it's covered so it's shielded from sun and rain). It has a laid-back mood. The menu is not really catered for brunches (no breakfast items) but there are affordable sandwiches. Although there's no doggie menu, they will gladly serve a water bowl.

Dog menu: No
Walking path: Plenty!

4. The Place, Delihut @ 61 Pasir Ris Green www.beergarden.sg (Sadly, this establishment has ceased operation)
A small and rustic eatery in Pasir Ris Park (nearer to the MRT than 5 Drunken Rabbits) where we often frequent due to the proximity to our home. It's located beside the Gallop Stable www.gallopstable.com where kids can enjoy a pony ride or take riding lessons. The food is run-of-the-mill, simple and affordable. It's more for filling the stomach while enjoying the great outdoor. There are no specific breakfast/brunch items but best of all, there is no service charge and GST. This place can get quite hot on a sunny day if you are going for brunch.

Dog menu: No
Walking path: Plenty! And the horses are an attraction!

We have also been to the following pet-friendly eateries but we don't frequent them as often as the above places due to the reasons detailed below.

The food is very yummy and value for money (no service charge and GST) but because this is located in town (quite far away from our home), plus there is limited place to walk Cookie, we only visit when there's an adoption drive we need to help out. Note: They are closed on Sat .

Doggiestyle Cafe doggiestylecafe.blogspot.com (They have moved to Kembangan - Changi Road, next to PLC)
We've only been there once. It's a cooling respite on a hot day, as the cozy place is nicely air-conditioned with free roaming pooches. It's more for small dog breeds as the space is not as big as Sun Ray Cafe. There's a good range of doggie and human menu. However, we have not been back since because the parking at Nex Shopping Mall is horrendous at weekends.

The Coastal Settlement www.thecoastalsettlement.com
Finding a parking space on a Sunday noon time is quite difficult. Having said that, it's a nice quirky place - a home with a concrete garden with swings and potted plants. The price is on the high side and it's one of the reasons we do not return that often.

Cafe Melba cafemelba.com.sg
The location is slightly off at Goodman Arts Centre. It's pretty busy during weekend brunches, and may need to wait for your table. The food is not that spectacular for the price that you have to pay. There is a small green compound in front of the cafe where you can walk the dog.  

*If you have any good suggestions for brunch places with doggies, please PM us at www.facebook.com/CookieCreme.