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Bitten victims

posted Jan 29, 2011, 10:30 PM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Jan 31, 2011, 7:06 AM ]
22 Jan 2011

Recently, the ecosystem in Looi family's condo has been seriously disrupted. A serial 'biter' is on the loose.

Victim 1: Potted plant adopted from Jason L

Point of attack: Multiple injuries on the upper level of the twigs; all leaves on the longer twigs (as shown by the arrows) have all been bitten and gone (presumably ingested)

Onsite evidence: Paw prints not found. Unable to obtain bite marks comparison because there were no residual leaves to imprint the bite marks

Prime suspect: Creme Looi, because only the she has access to the plant during day time while we were working

Victim 2: Miniature Mexican cactus from Ikea

Point of attack: One open wound near the tip of cactus (arrow 1) and one impact wound at the heart of the cactus (arrow 2) causing it to break; the cactus is dying

Onsite evidence: Again paw prints and bite marks comparison were not available

Prime suspect: Creme Looi, because only she has been spotted
biting the cactus (refer to the report dated 30 Nov 2010)

In addition to these two victims, there were two to three more casualties with torn leaves, namely the bamboo plant, and other potted plants.

The serial 'biter' needs to be caught in action for a timely punishment.

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