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Basil's trial homestay

posted Dec 31, 2012, 1:11 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Dec 31, 2012, 8:17 AM ]
9 Dec 2012

Following the adoption drive, many experienced rehomers/individuals stepped in to help rehome Basil and Andra, which we were very grateful for. Andra went for a home visit with this lady who came during the last few minutes of the adoption drive. It turned out that Andra couldn't get along with the lady's resident dog Foxy (also adopted) because Andra is alpha. Sue Ann, the rehomer, suggested that she give Basil a chance. The first viewing went well; Basil could get along with Foxy. That gave Basil another chance to have a short homestay.

We went along to learn from Sue Ann how to conduct home visits and questions to ask or things to advice the potential adopter. Basil has grown...longer! He now has a gorgeous coat of orangy brown fur; very handsome indeed. Every time we meet, Basil never fails to approach me and give me a wet kiss on the chin. He's so affectionate.

The potential adopter is a very nice and athletic lady. She runs marathon and goes out running everyday. Foxy the resident dog was so excited to see Basil, she kept jumping up and down. Basil immediately made himself at home, by claiming Foxy's bed and milk bone!

We observed the two dogs for a while. During that time, Basil managed to pee at the right spot and we were all very impressed. Sue Ann gave some tips to the potential adopter on how to avoid two dogs snatching the toys, i.e. by giving them more than two toys to choose from.

stayed with her for 4 nights, and according to Sue Ann, the homestay went well. However, because the husband was out of town, the lady needed the final nod from her husband.

We are currently waiting for the family to return from year-end vacation and for the husband to meet Basil before confirming his adoption.
Fingers crossed.