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Basil and Andra at the Torte adoption drive

posted Dec 31, 2012, 12:19 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Apr 18, 2013, 8:42 AM ]
11 Nov 2012

I was delighted that Basil and Andra will be going for the adoption drive at Torte, albeit being notified just a day prior. Andra's fosterer Claris and hubby were taking charge of bringing the pups to the venue. And we went there with Andra's rescuer to help out.

When Basil saw me, he came forward, climbed to my lap and licked my chin. Oh...he remembered me. He has grown into such an adorable and sweet pup. I normally do not fall for dark-haired dogs but a piece of my heart was stolen that day.

It was so heart-warming to see the bro and sis pair back together again. But I was told, Andra sometimes like to play bite Basil and Basil didn't really appreciate the way Andra played with him.

Basil napped a lot that day. About 6 times! Here're some of his napping pictures.

While we were there, nobody came to enquire about Basil or Andra. I discussed with Vincent, if nobody shows interest by end of the year, we will try to adopt Basil although it'll be challenging since there's nobody at home when we are working fulltime, and Creme is scared of him.

Strangely, I didn't feel panicky that no one come for Basil. I was just having a good time in his company, and that's all matters to me at that point.

I had the pleasure of dining
with Basil at Torte :-) He can sit and lie on my lap while I eat; he's a very good boy. But of course when the nice Barkery people handed me a complimentary packet of treats, Basil started to climb up wanting to eat.

We left the adoption drive 15mins before it closed. The following week, the regular feeder informed me that a lady asked about Andra during the last few minutes of the adoption drive. We were very happy for Andra and wished that it was the right home for her.