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Basil and Andra at the hospital

posted Dec 30, 2012, 11:37 PM by Cookie & Creme
4 Nov 2012

Over the next 2 weeks following Basil's rescue, we visited him and his sis Andra three times at the hospital.

We went back to the vet 2 days after Basil was admitted but we couldn't see him. "He just had surgery and is resting," Janet said. Instead, we met Andra. She looked similar to Basil but has a pair of very sweet eyes. She was trembling.

We returned during the weekend and were delighted to find that both pups were doing well. They were having their dinner in the cubicle.

Basil still liked to seek attention by making noises.

Andra was the quiet one. She just gently licked Vincent's hand.

They were almost ready to be discharged but needed experienced fosterers to give medications and bring them back for stitches removal. At that point, no one stepped forward and thus we have to leave the pups warded till we found a fosterer.

A week later, two fosterers have volunteered to take care of the pups separately. We visited them before the fosterers came to fetch them home. We initially wanted to send Basil to the fosterer but the timing wasn't right. Andra's rescuer managed to send Andra to the fosterer.

At that stage, both Basil and Andra were very active, especially Andra who just had her stitches removed. There's no one moment where she sat still and motionless. But they were so cute, and I felt sad that they were going to be separated. I took a lot of videos and pictures of them together for keepsake.

As much as we would like to visit them in their foster homes, the locations were at the other end of the island. So I actually spent over 1 hour with them in the treatment room before we bid goodbye.