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A rainbow of food

posted Dec 9, 2011, 5:07 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated Jan 9, 2012, 3:16 AM ]
5 Dec 2011

We returned to the bushland where we believe no feeders have been going regularly. It was a Sunday night. To our surprise, some kind soul had piled a lot of kibbles which came in different shapes and colours. There were pink, orange, brown, bone shaped, round shaped knibbles. Two dogs were eating them. One of them was this gutsy brown dog (below). The other one (2nd pic below), upon seeing us, fled into the bushland.

Vincent and I looked at each other. So, should we give them our food since they already have plenty?

From what we learned from our first stray feeding round with the Noah's Ark volunteers, most stray dogs don't really eat kibbles. They will only eat when they are extremely hungry. But every dog is different.

Although the kibbles were a lot for two dogs, there are many dogs hiding in this area. So, I've decided to give them their 'preferred' soft food.
Inspired by the piles of kibbles, Vincent also piled our food up like bak chang (meat dumpling, 肉棕). He said it'll be easier for the dogs to eat - they just need to take a big bite. We made four piles of 'bak chang' along the road.

As expected, the gutsy brown dog abandoned his rainbow of kibbles and gulped down our food. 

The next question is, shall we return? If so, we should return on a different night of the week to avoid 'clashing' with the other feeder(s). Vincent suggested checking out a nearby industrial area when I'm back from vacation. Meanwhile, he will be solo feeding for the next 2 weeks.