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A date with Cookie

posted May 29, 2011, 7:01 AM by Cookie & Creme   [ updated May 29, 2011, 7:48 AM ]
21 May 2011

Vincent was away in US for one week and I have the animals to accompany me. "Cookie and I will have a blast!" I told Vincent before he took off. "That's good," he said.

Cookie is such a nice company. She sits beside me (occasionally leans on me for a tummy rub) on the sofa while watching TV, follows me everywhere, even to the toilet - she supervises me using the toilet, haha!

I had Vincent's car for a week and I looked forward to driving Cookie out. So on Sat, I drove her to the dog run, chased her around the dog run, followed by a car wash.

I was interested to see how Cookie reacts while in the car wash. It was quite hilarious. Cookie was sitting on the leg room area of the front passenger seat. When the water was splashed on the car, Cookie thought that the water was going to hit her, so she tried to 'siam', moving to the direction where she thought the water would not go.
The car wash guy was laughing at her, and knocked on her window to disturb her. She then jumped up to the front seat and sat on the car break to be with me. I was hugging and stroking her for the entire duration of the car wash.

Then I brought her along to have dinner in Silvery Moon restaurant and bar in Pasir Ris Park, one of the restaurants which allow pets but confined to the alfresco tables. She didn't really have dinner there, I did. But I share some of my carbonara spaghetti with her under the moonlight.

That was my date with Cookie.

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